Date : Fridays - throughout the year
Time : 9.30 am in winter
  Venue : Various: see weekly group emails

Joint Group Leaders 

Walk-related activities: Patrick Kirk    Tel: +357 9925 6930    Email:

Non-walking activities:  Alf Oldman Tel: +357 9921 6831      Email:

Is the Friday Walking Group (FWG) for you? 

  • Strong intermediate level hiking group
  • Light on rules
  • Highly friendly
  • Regular social activities
  • Popular Cyprus and overseas hiking adventures

The very successful FWG is long-established. A typical Winter walk might be 12 Km, with circa 400m of ascent, with exceptional walks of 16km+, with 500m+ of ascent. Most walks finish at a taverna for drinks/food and a social catch-up. In more remote locations, the walk-leader might substitute a picnic. Walk leaders are fully empowered, leading & coordinating walks plus related activities.

FWG respects old and new members equally, those recovering from injury, sickness and lapse in fitness. Walk leaders are encouraged to consider cut-outs, or easy return options, for those that might be struggling, rather than reduce the speed of the whole group. FWG welcomes new and guest walkers. The web site attracts a regular stream of experienced hikers visiting Cyprus.

Outstandingly successful foreign walking adventures with FWG, have included:

  • Pirna, Saxony, Germany
  • Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
  • Cappadocia,Turkey
  • Transylvania, Romania
  • Amalfi Coast, Italy

Planned foreign walking/cultural trips include:

      1. Zakopane, Krakow, Poland

      2. Tuscany, Florence and Cinque Terra, Italy

      3. Return to Troodos, Cyprus

Group Walking Etiquette

      1. Social walking group whereby we actively look after each other.

      2. Walk leader sets pace based on the terrain, weather & abilities of whole group

      3. Back marker ensures that nobody gets lost & walk-leader adjusts pace to the slowest in group, walking in formation without a long tail

      4. All walkers stay behind walk leader in the interest of safety

      5. Walk leaders free to introduce additional loops or cutouts to accommodate stronger/weaker walkers

Social activities are an important part of FWG, with much fun and laughter. Examples include ten-pin bowling, kayaking, mini-golf, Indian, Chinese and Moroccan evenings, plus traditional taverna gatherings.


1.  Members undertake to walk at least six times a year & lead at least one walk a year

2.   Members actively promote Group Walking Etiquette

3. To maintain group ethos, membership capped at 50 ‘active members’

4.   Regular walkers invited by members to walk up to four times a year as guest walkers.

5. New members invited by group leaders, membership confirmed after leading first FWG walk