TaiChi and Qigong for Beginners

Date :  Every Sunday
Time : 10.30 - 11.30 am
Venue :  Shaded outdoor area in Tremithousa

Group Leader:  Mei Yeung Rees   Tel or Whatsapp:  9992 3310   Email:

QiGong is a form of keep fit which originated in China. Through slow and flowing movements combined with deep 'DanTian' breathing, it boosts our flexibility, balance, stamina and coordination.  With many movements drawn from TaiChi, the sequences use a wide range of muscles, tendons and joints, working the whole body in a gentle, impact-free way.  QiGong is all done standing, on the spot, and is easy for beginners to follow.  It is suitable for all levels of fitness - you just do what is comfortable for you. Some simple routines can be practised daily at home.

Both male and female participants are coming forward to enjoy the benefits of these gentle yet flowing oriental exercises. Hence, the philosophy of balancing of Yin and Yang is not only manifested in our movements but also in the group atmosphere. This group will mainly do QiGong, but may serve as a gateway to Mei’s other classes (outside P3A) which include more TaiChi.

Both QiGong and TaiChi can lower stress and improve our mood. Taichi requires more practice, and because it involves concentration, paying attention and coordinating our whole body, it can improve cognitive function in older adults and reduces the risk of falling. Studies have shown that with regular practice, it relieves pain in fibromyalgia, arthritis and osteoporosis as well as alleviating common symptoms of chronic conditions due to ageing. 

Many practitioners believe that our movements channel a cosmic energy known as “Qi”. TaiChi can certainly be a form of flowing meditation.  But whether or not you are looking for a spiritual element in your keep fit, meeting a group of friends to do these exercises together can certainly do you good.