Date : Every Monday
Time : 13:30 - 16.00
Venue : Angelica Restaurant
Group Leader: Fay Keddie    Tel: 9550 3788    Email: 
Assistant Group Leader: Lynne Betchley   

Mahjong is a popular Chinese game played with tiles. The version we play uses 144 tiles plus 4 blanks as wild ones. Please do not confuse this with many online mahjong games which simply match tiles in pairs. The game is played by 3 or 4 people as individuals; no board is used, the tiles are stacked in a square 2 high and each player on the shake of a dice then chooses tiles. The aim is to get set hands of tiles. 

We currently score and play for poker chips, the winner being the one with the most chips at the end of the afternoon. We would like to expand that, however, to include any players who play non-scoring games or who previously played at the UKCA. Training can be given to beginners and sheets with instructions and details of the hands can be provided at a small cost to cover printing.

€3 per session includes a drink.