How to join us

Joining P3A is easy and only costs €10. This includes the first year’s membership fee of €5 up to 31st August of that year.

Simply click one of the buttons below to download the membership application form and DATA CONSENT form. Both of these forms (page 1 and 2) require a signature.  If you print these out and complete them, you can hand them in with your payment to any of our Group Leaders or send the forms and payment to the Membership Secretary via one of the routes listed below.  Alternatively you can complete the .doc forms electronically and email them to the membership secretary at:  

Payment should be made in cash if possible. If a euro cheque is used, it should be made payable to PAPHOS THIRD AGE

Paphos Third Age is a continuous learning group in which members share their skills and knowledge with each other.  To help us do that, we ask on the application form for some information on your areas of expertise.  Provision of this information is entirely optional. 

Your completed application form, Data Consent form and remittance may be posted to the membership secretary at the address shown on the form, handed to a group leader or placed in a sealed envelope and deposited in one of the four P3A mailboxes.  These are located:

a. Inside ANGELIKA'S RESTAURANT, on the Tombs of the Kings road opposite the St George Hotel

b. Outside the lecture room (underneath) at the DROUSHIA HEIGHTS HOTEL

c. Inside the OLIVE TREE TAVERNA in Polemi.(Closed on Mondays)

d. Mailbox 275 at the KAMARES CLUB

The membership year runs from 1st September until 31st August. A renewal fee of €5 is due every 1st September; members will be notified by email when this is due.

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