Gardening Group

Date :  1st Friday of the month
Time : 11.00 - 13.00
Venue : Private House
Group Leader: Elli Lestas      Email:

This group meets at Elli’s home, where there is plenty of land and an excellent area to sit and talk. The location is quiet and natural on the border of Tala and Kissonerga, near Tala New Cemetery.  The group focuses on a different garden theme each meeting, with a 15-20 minutes talk given by Elli or anyone else in the group who wants to give information. Themes include Cacti and Succulents, seed germination, cuttings, vegetable growing.

The group also does practical activities: planting up cuttings / soil mixes / perhaps olive picking (pressing for oil can be arranged) any other seasonal practical work or as requested by group members.  Demonstrations: how to prepare e.g. an Aloe leaf for eating or skin cream / how to harvest seeds etc. Members can exchange cutting to expand their collections.

The format can be discussed and tailored to suit the interests of those involved. It is expected to evolve over time.  

Elli was co-founder and co-owner of a local plant nursery and has many years’ gardening experience. She is also an artist and teaches art.