Around the World Dining Group

    Date and Time :  Please contact group leader for details
Venue :  Various

Group Leaders:  Carolyn and David Hart  Tel: 9776 2371  Email:

This group is for anyone who enjoys 'foreign food', or who would like to explore other tastes. We meet once a month on a Monday evening in the Paphos area, choose a theme for the evening and then each member brings along one dish for the buffet supper.  We have enjoyed Indian evenings, French, Thai, Chinese, Austrian, American, Spanish and many others, and we are very happy to go round the world again and again.

As much a part of the pleasure of eating the meal together is sharing reminiscences of where we have eaten similar things before, researching recipes, and discussing where we will visit food wise the following month.
You do not need to be a great cook, just interested in the food from other countries and willing to contribute one dish to each meal we share together. For more information or to join us please contact the group leader Carolyn Hart.