Angling Group

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Fishing has much to offer, being outdoors, leisurely, exciting, learning new skills, immersed in nature, beside lakes or the sea. Simply relaxing and chatting to fellow devotees of the sport can be a tonic.  A diverse group of members, with a wide range of skills and backgrounds, was established at the start of 2020.  Some are P3A members who were already fishing or had done so in the past. Others would like to try it to see if it is something they would enjoy.

We aim to be a straightforward group, where both ladies and gents can meet up, talk about their favourite branch of the sport, find out where the fish are biting and meet new companions to enjoy a day’s fishing with. Do the things that make angling such a pleasure.  I am strictly a pleasure fisherman. Catch and release. But matches can be held if members wish.

My main angling activity has been coarse fishing, but I would welcome members who have expertise in other areas of the sport. Having the sea close at hand obviously presents new opportunities, and there is fly fishing in the Troodos. One of the big attractions of angling is the variety of species and the methods of catching them that the sport offers.

The group can develop in whatever manner members wish. I would hope for monthly meetings, weekly fishing expeditions, making new friends, learning about new species and techniques, car sharing trips to different waters, and continuing to try and land the ever elusive “One That Got Away “.

If this appeals to you simply drop me a line.