Where in the World
  Group Leader: Linda Maidment
  Tel: 97857652
  Email: lindamaidment52gmail.com
Date : Third  Monday in month
Time :  3.00pm
  Venue :  Coral Star

Many P3A members are well travelled whether they have lived and/or worked abroad or just have a passion for travel and visiting new destinations.   I am sure many of us have lots of interesting tales to tell.

Would you like join in hearing about fascinating new places and sharing your own stories? This group will not be about organizing travel for members or be an opportunity for you to show your holiday photos.   It will be more about finding out about different countries or areas in the world and discovering about peoples, cultures and so much more.   Members will be encouraged to do a presentation on somewhere they have been that interests them.  We will also have discussion sessions on topics relating to travel or world issues

Paphos Third Age 2010-2017