Date : Fridays - October to June
Time : 9.30am
  Venue : See weekly emails
Joint Group Leaders
Alf Oldman Tel: 99216831      Email:
Paula Devlin    Tel: 97804408     Email:
Grant Hammond   Tel: 99922939     Email:
Leo Kelly   Tel: 99243921    Email:

The very successful Friday Walking Group (FWG) is long-established. Under present leadership, FWG differentiates itself as a strong, intermediate level hiking group, light on rules, highly friendly, with regular social activities and popular overseas hiking trips. 

FWG respects old & new members equally, those recovering from injury, sickness & lapse in fitness. Walk leaders are encouraged to consider cut-outs, or easy return options, for those that might be struggling, rather than reduce the speed of the whole group. FWG welcomes new & guest walkers. 

The web site attracts a regular stream of experienced hikers visiting Cyprus, keen to walk with FWG. Currently, we have circa 50 regular members & a small number of regular guest walkers, with average attendance circa 15–20 walkers.

Walk leaders are fully empowered, leading & coordinating walks plus related activities. Walk descriptions include length, ascent, difficulty, quality of tracks, shade etc – a typical Winter walk might be 12 Km, with circa 400m of ascent, with exceptional walks of 16km+ & over 500m+ of ascent. Most walks finish at a taverna for drinks/food & a social catch-up. In more remote locations, the walk-leader might substitute a picnic.

FWG has had some outstandingly successful foreign walking adventures, including Pirna, Saxony, Germany in 2018 (for trip report click here) & the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland in 2019 (report to follow). In October 2019, 24 members are going to Cappadocia, Turkey – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. FWG is finalizing a walking holiday to the Salzburg Region, Austria, in June 2020. In addition to a long weekend away in Cyprus in the Spring, a trip to Transylvania, Romania is at concept stage, probably in October 2020.

Social activities are an important part of FWG, including highly successful group lunches & dinners. In April, FWG had a second ten-pin bowling evening, hilariously entertaining for both participants & spectators alike. Future scheduled social activities include mini-golf & ‘beetle-drive evenings’.       

To recap, FWG for:

  1. Strong intermediate level hiking group
  2. Light on rules
  3. Highly friendly
  4. Regular social activities
  5. Popular overseas hiking adventures