St Andrew Group: Traditional Scottish Events and Scottish Country Dance Classes


Date :  Social Evening and Dancing - every Tuesday

(see website for summer & winter break timings and other event locations & dates)
Time :   5.30 - 6.00 pm:  Welcome & introduction session for new dancers & visitors
6.00 - 8.00 pm:  Social Evening / Dance Class 
  Venue :   The UKCA, Chlorakas (near St George Hotel)
   Joint Group Leader (Chairman):  Doris Willis  
Joint Group Leader:   Janine Scott    Email:
After a long break we are restarting with easy dances. 

Covid safety requirements are continually under review so, if needed, we will post an update on the website ( on Tuesday morning. 

Given the contact nature of our 'sport', there will be hand sanitisers available; you will be reminded to use them when you come in and after every dance. The dance programme is designed to minimise close contact but giving hands is still necessary. Bring a wrap or cardy; depending on numbers we may open the windows to increase ventilation. If you are comfortable wearing a mask please do so - in the UK they are mandatory at class except when actually dancing - which seems a bit odd! We will not require them but please, no hugging and kissing everyone even though it's been a long time - you may feel fine but think how you'll feel if you give everyone else the lurgy, plus if infection numbers go up we may get shut down again.

And if you have any symptoms - please don't come, even with a negative test... exercise even with just a cold isn't good for you. For everyone else - let's dance!

For full details please visit the Group website at: