Social Tennis

At the moment the Tennis Group as such has been suspended as both Jenny and Ray and several other members are 'out of action'. However Jenny hopes to resurrect the group in the New Year so watch this space if you interested in playing.
Date :  Every Thursday & Sunday
Time :  9.00am to 11.00am
  Venue :  Venus Beach Hotel - Courts
Group Leader: Jenny Bowman-Jones   Tel:  26 621023   Email:
  Assistant Group Leader: Ray Spencer Bamford  Tel: 99664244
Are you an erstwhile player, wishing to practice, regain confidence and, hopefully improve your game of tennis with a like-minded group of players.
We are a friendly, non-competitive club with 16 regular members of varying abilities and are gradually attracting better more experienced players. But while we are able to arrange coaching if required we do not have the facilities within such a small club to accept complete novices.
We would welcome some new players, as we have 2 courts available to us and have increased our meetings to twice weekly, by popular demand.