Activity and Interest Groups

Click on the group title to see their page with more information. All details are subject to change. If you wish to join a group, please contact the leader first.  


   T  I  M  E
Day  GroupLocationWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
  MondayBridge ImproversUKCA9.
Monday Walking Group Var9.459.459.459.459.45
Card MakingAN14.0014.0014.0014.0014.00
Media Discussion GroupCSRB 14.30   
Walking FootballPolis18.3018.3018.3018.3018.30
Mick's Quiz CSR20.00 20.00  
Around the World Dining GroupPHOn a Monday evening once a month
  Tuesday Earth Sciences CSR10.00 10.00  
Boules Tala10.0010.0010.0010.1010.10
Family HistoryCSRSee group page for details
Cookery GroupVar  13.00  
Table GamesAR13.3013.3013.3013.3013.30
Sign LanguageNSB12.0012.0012.0012.0012.00
St Andrew GroupUKCA17.3017.3017.3017.3017.30
Film GroupCSR 18.30   
  WednesdayBook & Film DHH9.00    
Happy WanderersVAR09.3009.3009.3009.3009.30
ArchaeologyWIP   10.00 
Computer Technology GroupCSR 10.00 10.00 
QuiltingPH 10.00 10.00 
Duplicate BridgeUKCASee for events and start times
Current Affairs - Group 2CSRB  14.00  
  ThursdayGentle Strolls 5 kmVar9.
Current Affairs - Group 1PH10.00    
Natural History GroupVar   See group page 
Bolivia  (Advanced Canasta)AR13.3013.3013.3013.3013.30
Book Group - FictionCSRB  14.00  
  Friday Friday Walking (FWG) Var9.309.309.309.309.30
HistoryCSR   10.00 
Play ReadingPH  14.00  
  SaturdayLunch Club (the last Sat.)Var   13.00 
Dragonfly Study GroupPHSee group page for details 


Qiqong and Taichi for beginnersSee page10.3010.3010.3010.3010.30
 Sunday Lunch ClubVarSecond Sunday of the month
  VariableDiscover CyprusVarContact group leader for details

Contact group leader for detail



ANAndros Tavern - near Endro wreckNSBNeo's Sports Bar
ARAngelika Restaurant, ChlorakasOTTOlive Tree Taverna, Polemi
AXAxiothea Hotel, PaphosPCFiPaphos Christian Fellowship int'l
CSRCoral Star Restaurant, Coral BayPHPrivate house
CSRBCoral Star restaurant, back roomTBATo be announced
DHHDroushia Heights HotelTMTurtle & Moon studio, Tremithousa
ELElysium Hotel LibraryTPTechnopolis 20, Paphos
HGMHyper Gym Mesogi UKCAUKCA Clubhouse, Chlorakas
MCHMesogi Community HallVARLocation varies
NAHNeptune Apartment Hotel  

If you wish to join any of the groups please contact the Group Leader concerned or the Groups Co-ordinator
Disclaimer:  Participation in Paphos Third Age groups is undertaken at the member's own risk. Neither Paphos Third Age nor the Group Leaders are responsible for any injuries/mishaps however occasioned.