Natural History

Date :  Monthly, Monday mornings 
Time : 10.00 to 12.00am
Venue :  Coral Star Restaurant
Group Leader: David Sparrow  Tel: 26 270836 or 99 529023   Email:
Group Leader David Sparrow will be stepping down in October to concentrate on leading the research of the Dragonfly Study Group, which has gained international recognition. 
We are holding a meeting on Monday 1st October, at which David will give a talk on the Evolution of Birds, after which members will discuss the future of the group and how to take it forward. So if you are interested and could contribute, please come along! 
Cyprus has a unique assemblage of flora and fauna. There is a wide range of habitats, and also a high level of endemism (i.e. species and sub-species found only on the island).  Cyprus is also a key refuelling stage for many millions of migrating birds making the long journey between Africa and Siberia.