Natural History

Dates :  Contact Group Leader for details
Time : 10.00 to 12.00 am
Group Leader:  Ros Sparrow        Email:
From November 2018 through the winter and spring season, we shall arrange a number of nature strolls.  These will be easy walks with the aim of identifying as many plants and animals as we can along the way.  Numbers will be limited; the first stroll on Sunday 25 November is now full. 
Please contact the group leader for details of further outings.   
Cyprus has a unique assemblage of flora and fauna. There is a wide range of habitats, and also a high level of endemism (i.e. species and sub-species found only on the island).  Reptiles thrive in the warm climate - with 8 species of snake and 11 lizard species.  53 butterfly species have been recorded, and 37 dragonfly species.
The island is especially important for birds: over 400 species have been recorded.  57 of these are resident breeders.  Others are winter visitors or passage migrants: in spring up to 100 million birds pass through Cyprus en route to breeding grounds further north, and in autumn after raising chicks, up to 150 million make the return journey to Africa.