Natural History

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Dates :  Contact group leader Ros for details
Time : Usually Sunday, 10.00 to 12.00 am
Venue :  Various
Group Leaders:  Ros Sparrow        Email:  Tel: 9952 9023
         Chris Morgan       Email:
This group is for all those with an interest in learning more about Cyprus' flora and fauna, and life sciences in general.  We have monthly nature outings, usually on the last Sunday of the month.  Guided by the group leaders we visit an area with high natural diversity, identify as many plants and animals as we can and learn something about them.  In practice this usually involves a very short stroll, as there is often much to see in a small area. We limit the number on each trip to around 20, but afterwards we circulate a report full of photos and information about the species seen.
The group also organises occasional talks, usually on Saturdays.  All our outings are followed by an optional group lunch in a local taverna.   
Ros and David Sparrow have been photographing and studying the fauna of Cyprus since 2004, specialising in reptiles, amphibians, dragonflies and butterflies. Chris Morgan has a lifelong interest in botany and since moving to Cyprus has found and identified over 720 species of plants. 
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For our photo gallery of animal species, click here