Military History

Date :  4th Friday of every month
Time : 10.00 AM
Venue :  Coral Star Restaurant
Group Leader : Rod McGregor    Email:
Deputy Group Leader:  John Drew    Email:

We look at different aspects of history from the military viewpoint, including battles, personalities and other impacts upon the world before, during and after wars, covering the past 3,000 or so years. No experience of the military is required, just an interest in hearing our presenters share their knowledge and enthusiasm for some particular area of history. It’s nothing like those long-ago history lessons at school!

During the coming months we have a diverse programme ranging from the construction of the atomic bomb, by way of the cold war and a forgotten British naval hero through the story behind “Ochi Day” and on to the ancient Persian Empire of Cyrus and Xerxes.

New members are always very welcome, as are potential speakers. If you want to know more, contact Rod and John as above.