Date :  Second Thursday  
Time :  Usually 9.30 am
Venue : Based at the Olive Tree taverna in Polemi, but with field excursions

Group leader : Steve Catchpole   Email:

The idea is to learn about the edible plants, fruits, nuts and other things which can be foraged locally. Most times we’ll be out and about, but will also be able to use the Olive Tree taverna for talks and presentations from visitors and group members. We’ll also be able to sample ways of preparing and using some of our pickings.

Much of our programme will be oriented towards practical approaches to foraging, including identification and collecting, seasonal availability, plant uses (culinary/medicinal etc), storing and preserving, recipes/cooking, field trips to other areas, visiting speakers.  We may arrange mini foraging expeditions outside group sessions, with reports back to share and produce.  We have also had offers to arrange quizzes, study homeopathic and herbal remedies, juicing, wine-making and distilling.  We’ll meet at least once a month, more when things are growing fast in late winter and springtime, through to June.

The next three meetings will be on 

 - October 10th 9.30

 - November 14th 9.30

 - December 12th Xmas lunch at the taverna 12.30.