About Us

Would you like to broaden your interests and knowledge? Paphos Third Age is a lively and successful organisation which offers activity groups covering more than 45 subjects and interests. We have more than 700 members, but would like to extend our membership to others. Small group sessions are held in members’ homes whilst the larger groups meet in convenient restaurants. Whether your interest lies in History, Art, Books, Discussions, Paper crafting, Mosaics, Walking Photography, Geology, watching Classic Films, Archaeology or Tennis, we have a group for you. All the groups are friendly and informal.

Chairman, Ros Sparrow says ‘We are indebted to our Group Leaders. They are all volunteers and use their own knowledge and enthusiasm to broaden the knowledge and skills of others’. This is the key to the success of Paphos Third Age. All activities are run by volunteer Group Leaders and costs are kept to an absolute minimum. The current joining fee, enabling members to participate in as many groups as they want, is just €5 plus an annual subscription of €5.

As well as hoping to encourage more people to join, Paphos Third Age is always looking for new Groups and new Group Leaders. So, if you have a skill or area of knowledge you would be willing to share with others, please do contact our Groups Coordinator (see committee page) to discuss your idea.

As well as the regular meetings of the different groups, Paphos Third Age also organises trips, open lectures given by guest speakers and social activities for members.

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