AGM 2020

On 27 October we held our Annual General Meeting, in the Tsiakkas Restaurant on Kissonerga seafront.  This was a large, well-ventilated venue with adequate capacity for all those who wanted to attend, seated at socially-distanced tables.  60 members attended and 45 apologies were received.   

A report on the meeting has been circulated in our quarterly online magazine, Ad Lib (available here).  The club's audited accounts for the year ending 31 August 2019 were approved by the members present at the meeting. A copy is available here.  


As a club we take our guidance on matters concerning the Covid 19 virus from the communications issued by the Cyprus Government and the Cyprus Ministry of Health.  


For guidance on self-isolation and other Coronavirus related advice, see the following website of the Cyprus Government Press and information Office:

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For any queries please call 22861100, 24/7. Wait on the line and choose the Consular option, alternatively use the web form here: