New Groups

Chess for Beginners

This recommences on Wednesday 6th November at 2pm at the Coral Star restaurant. As the name implies, absolute beginners are especially welcome, but so too are players with only very limited knowledge. Some of you experienced players too have shown an interest and will be welcome to play one another while chess tuition is taking place at the same time (noise of course not being an inhibiting factor!). 

More info from, tel 99076465.                                                      

Sustainable Planet Earth

The aim of this exciting new group is to bring awareness to the way we live, and the choices we make as to the food and products we buy.  Led by Jean Alston, Marion Campey and Denise Holt, the group plans to meet on the second Wednesday of every month, for a presentation followed by discussion on the way we treat ourselves and the planet.  For more details, visit the group's webpage here.


The idea is to learn about edible plants, fruits and nuts which can be foraged locally.  From a base at the Olive Tree taverna in Polemi, the plan is to be mainly out and about, visiting local sites to collect plants.  The taverna may also be used for presentations, or to sample ways of preparing and using the group's pickings. 

If interested, contact Steve Catchpole at


Meet the Neighbours:  Aphrodite Third Age

Are you interested in third age groups beyond Paphos?  The Aphrodite Third Age (A3A) meets regularly in Pissouri amphitheatre.  A3A and P3A members are reciprocally invited to each other’s monthly open lectures. In addition the A3A has history, military history and discussion groups, for a membership fee of only €2 (€1 for renewals).

 For details contact the Chairman Paul Joyce at or telephone 96214401.