Something different for the New year!  Two new groups coming soon...

Sign Language

Always wanted to learn a new language? Join this fun and interactive group for an 8 week entry level British sign language course.

Time and place - Neo’s Sports Bar on Tuesday afternoons, starting on 17 February.  

Sign Language is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression, and body language and  is used mainly by people who are deaf or have hearing impairments.

This course will cover every day topics such as greetings, family members, asking questions, numbers, colours, time, food and drink, transport etc.

For details contact Diane James, by email :    or telephone 96102929


Sustainable Planet Earth

 This new group to be launched in April will discuss issues including:

  • Animal welfare; how and why we treat animals the way that we do
  • History of vegetarianism and the increasing popularity of veganism
  • Sustainable living in the home, e.g. alternatives to chemicals, sources of food and clothing 
  • Sustainable choices in general e.g. modes of transport
  • Active membership of relevant organisations
  • Nutrition: how it effects our mental and physical health

Following the talks there will be an opportunity for open discussion about the topics.  The group also aims to have guest speakers from time to time, with relevant knowledge and experience

For further information contact Jean Alston -   Email:      Telephone 99818636


Meet the Neighbours:  Aphrodite Third Age

Are you interested in third age groups beyond Paphos?  The Aphrodite Third Age (A3A) meets regularly in Pissouri amphitheatre.  A3A and P3A members are reciprocally invited to each other’s monthly open lectures. In addition the A3A has history, military history and discussion groups, for a membership fee of only €2 (€1 for renewals).

 For details contact the Chairman Paul Joyce at or telephone 96214401.