Presentation on the planned new Cyprus National Health System, GESY (pronounced ye-SEE)

In response to members' requests, Dr Nicos has kindly given us a copy of the presentation he gave on 19 January.  To see this, please click here 


Chess for Beginners 

This new group is up and running: players of all abilities are welcome to join.  For more details click here to visit the group page 


New Photography Group

This new group is launches on 25th March 2019. Meetings will initially be at the Coral Star (aka ‘Petsas’) opposite Phillipos Supermarket, Pegeia.

The Photography Group will offer P3A members of all abilities an opportunity to share, acquire and develop photographic skills in a supportive and friendly environment, where they can explore the potential of all aspects of photography.  It will be led by Tom Brown and Chris Scorer.

Tom Brown

An experienced and highly regarded photographer of many years’ standing, Tom is equally at home pursuing his own photography or imparting his knowledge to others. He is renowned for his relaxed and informal teaching manner, which boosts the confidence and motivation of keen amateur photographers.

Chris Scorer

Chris has pursued his interest in photography for many years and has enjoyed a measure of success with his images in a competitive Camera Club environment. Chris will undertake to help beginners in situations where Tom is leading more advanced photography sessions.

If you are interested, please Chris via his e-mail address: 

You will then receive confirmation and updates about meetings. The responses will also give an indication of the number likely to attend, so that adequate facilities can be arranged.


Meet the Neighbours:  Aphrodite Third Age

Are you interested in third age groups beyond Paphos?  The Aphrodite Third Age (A3A) meets regularly in Pissouri amphitheatre.  A3A and P3A members are reciprocally invited to each other’s monthly open lectures. In addition the A3A has history, military history and discussion groups, for a membership fee of only €2 (€1 for renewals).

 For details contact the Chairman Paul Joyce at or telephone 96214401.