Forthcoming monthly open lectures: 

Lectures are held at the Droushia Heights Hotel, from 10.00 – 12.00 including a break for refreshments, which are included in the door charge of  3 euros. To book your place please email 

Saturday 20 January : The Endemic Plants of Cyprus, by Dr Yiannis Christofides

Cyprus began to emerge from the sea around 20 million years ago. Lying between the landmasses of Eurasia, Africa and the Middle East, it was colonized by plants whose seeds arrived on the wind.  But then in isolation from the mainland, new species evolved. Cyprus has 130 plant species recognised as endemic i.e. unique to the island.
The talk will examine the factors that have contributed to endemism on Cyprus and look at the endemics found in the different habitats.
Dr Yiannis Christofides gained a degree in Chemistry at University College, London, followed by a PhD, before returning to Cyprus in 1986 to pursue his interests in botany and photography.  He is the author of “Orchids of Cyprus” and a new, illustrated “Flora of Cyprus”. He also leads nature holidays as far afield as the Alps, the Pyrenees and Bulgaria. 
Saturday 17 February : Dan Dare and the Eagle Comic, by Howard Smith

A fully illustrated nostalgic talk by Eagle Specialist Howard Smith, with the fascinating story of how Eagle started and its British Space Hero Dan Dare, including 1950s Studio and TV film.

The talk explores the world for children after the Second World War and how a vicar with an art student founded an exceptional comic for boys that spread worldwide. One which sold nearly a million copies at launch, with a 2.5 million readership of whom 20% were girls. Illustrated profusely from Howard Smith’s personal collection of rare sketches, photographs, artwork, films, toys and ephemera, this is the incredible and nostalgic story of Eagle and Dan Dare that will leave you wondering why they put such dedication and detail into a children’s comic!