Summer History Talks by Wally Oppenheim - open to all P3A Members (and their guests).

The talks will be on Tuesday 17th July and Tuesday 21st August, at the Droushia Heights Hotel.  There will be the usual charge of € 3 to cover Room Hire and Refreshments.  Both talks will have a PowerPoint presentation and will run from 10.00am- 12.00 Noon.

If you would like to come to either or both talks, please email Wally at letting him know which talk(s) you will come to and how many places you want reserved. Please email no later than one week before the talk.

17th July : "Anti-Semitism: A Short History of the Longest Hatred".

This will cover the History of Anti-Semitism and show how it has changed over the Centuries, starting as religious Anti-Semitism then becoming political and racial hatred in the 19th Century. It will try to explain why Jews have for Centuries been the target of hatred and persecution. It will include a summary of the History of the Jewish Communities in England and in Cyprus, and how they too have been persecuted. It will look at how Jews over the Centuries have reacted in different ways to persecution. Finally it will look at how widespread Anti-Semitism is today and asks if we should worry about alleged Anti-Semitism today in the Labour Party.
21st August :  "Darkest Hour". This is a repeat of the talk given on June 16th. It will look at the real events behind two recent films- Darkest Hour and Dunkirk, both of which portray the crucial events of May and June 1940 in different ways. How and why did Churchill become Prime Minister? How serious was the plot by Lord Halifax to overthrow him? Why was the British army able to escape at Dunkirk, and how important was the “Miracle of Dunkirk? How well do the films cover these famous events? And in the end how important were those few weeks in British and World History?