Life Matters
Group Leader:  Linda Maidment
     97 857652
  Assistant Group Leader:  
Date :  4th Wednesday
  Time :  2.30pm
  Venue :  PH

The Life Matters Group was formerly known as the Philosophy/Discussion Group and we have changed our name to reflect how we see philosophy today and how, as a group, we approach the subject.


The group gives us the opportunity to explore all our perspectives on life which makes up our own personal philosophies of how we live and behave.   We do not need to be academic or have a background in philosophy  to enjoy sharing  with others ideas and opinions in a structured way.


We are a small, but diverse, group who enjoy sharing discussions about questions, ideas or attitudes that interest us.   We enjoy a mix of presentations by members and group discussions. We certainly donít always agree and we never find the answers but we do enjoy the debate and come away with new ideas of how we see our lives and the world about us.

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