Flight Simulator Group
  Group Leader: Laurie Lourensz
  Email laurielourenszhotmail.com
Date : Variable
  Time : Variable
Venue : PH


PC based system using FSX Steam and additional software run by PMDG for the Boeing 737 800 series aircraft which many of us are familiar with when flying by Ryanair to Cyprus.   In addition I have software for some of the UK airports showing stands, other aircraft and land vehicles driving past.   This is not a computer game but is run in real time as flights take the same amount of time as they would do in actual life.  

The set up is based exactly as you would do in a real aircraft in real time, from a cold and dark start to programming the flight management system, selecting the right amount of fuel and all procedures that take place to prepare and fly the aircraft.  You can programme in emergencies and come out of automatic pilot at any time to fly the aircraft manually.

Spaces are limited as the sessions from 10am to 4pm ish to four people including myself and will run alternate months in Letymbou and Peiya.  Initially one session per month on the first Wednesday of the month.


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